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Steve Taylor Arts


Photo of Steve Taylor (© J Harlowe 2013 All Rights Reserved.)
Steve at work on the left panel of the St. Paul’s Triptych (see the finished work and read about these three paintings).

Steve Taylor began painting with watercolor in 1979 and switched to acrylic paints in 1980. Over many years, he has received encouragement from family and friends.

He has painted landscapes inspired by the mid-Atlantic region’s terrain, history, and culture, but has also done land subjects from other parts of the United States and Quebec.

Steve has made greeting cards by hand, and his principle interest in art reproduction has been card craft. Some paintings have been made into all-occasion greeting and Christmas cards, as well as frameable art prints using 6-color digital offset process. Selected paintings are available by special order as giclée (zhee-KLAY) prints, digital prints on high quality watercolor paper using 8-color pigment-based archival inks. See the Originals, Prints, & Cards page for details.

Steve has exhibited paintings at county and state fairs. At the Maryland State Fair, his 2004 entry Light on Carlie won a Best in Show award, and his 2008 portrait of Ellicott Mills Station, Ellicott City No. 6 ‘Station’, earned an Anna W. Troyer Award.

Light on Carlie

Ellicott City No. 6 ‘Station’ (read more about this painting)

His first solo exhibition, 40 acrylic landscapes entitled Finding Light, was mounted in September 2007 at the Oakland Mills Community Center, through the generous volunteer efforts of Oakland Mills village.

Though mainly painting in small and miniature formats, Steve has completed large subjects such as the Easter portrait of Christ’s empty tomb, The Resurrection, commissioned in 2006 by the Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City, Maryland. And in December 2008, Steve completed Nativity of Our Lord for the same sanctuary of his home parish.

The Resurrection (read more about this painting)

Nativity of Our Lord (read more about this painting and Nativity Theology)

During 2012 to 2013, Steve completed a large triptych commission for St. Paul Catholic Church’s Center for the New Evangelization. Celebrating the 175th anniversary of the historic Ellicott City parish, three large historical portraits offer a glimpse of the town’s Catholic legacy combined with ‘pictorial faith illumination’.

St. Paul’s Triptych: Superna Gratia – Grace from on High (read more about these paintings)

The years 2014 to 2016 took Steve into the iconography of Catholic saints. His latest efforts can be seen in the Gallery section on the Sacred page.

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